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Repiping Services in Durham and the Triangle, NC Area

Plumbing pipes tend to be quite sturdy, but they’re not immune to problems. If you live in a home long enough, sooner or later you’re going to have to repipe some of it. The good news is that, with the right plumbing contractor, the process can be relatively quick and painless.

One Call Plumbing provides comprehensive repiping services in Durham, NC. If you need some pipes replaced in your home, let our professional technicians take care of it for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll make sure you get the best repiping service in the area by blending technology with traditional values.

When Repiping Is Necessary

Most of the time, any issues with the plumbing pipes can be fixed with spot repairs. Some issues, though, can only really be remedied by replacing the entire affected section. Some problems that require repiping include:

  • Advanced Lime Scale: Lime scale builds up on the inside of pipes that are exposed to hard water. Eventually, the scale will become so built up that it will harden. Once that happens, the lime scale becomes practically impossible to remove without damaging the pipe it’s attached to. In those cases, it’s usually faster and easier just to replace the pipe.
  • Corrosion: The real problem with things like pitted and formicary corrosion isn’t that they cause leaks. The individual leaks themselves can be repaired fairly easily most of the time. The real problem is that there’s very little to be done about the corrosion itself. More often than not, the pipe will simply continue to corrode over time due to environmental factors. If you have a problem with chronic corrosion in your pipes, it might be a good idea to replace them with pipes made of a different material.
  • Age: Sometimes, a pipe is simply too old and worn out to continue doing its job properly. The maximum age a pipe can reach before being replaced depends on what the pipe is made of. Iron and copper can last decades without needing replacement, under ideal circumstances. If you move into a home that hasn’t been repiped in the past 50 years or so, though, it’s probably a good idea to consult with a professional about whether or not you need to have the whole system replaced.

Trust One Call Plumbing for Repiping Services in Durham, NC

Whether you need whole house repiping, or just need a few pipes replaced here and there, we can make sure that you get the best new pipes for your situation. We can do simple pipe and drain repairs, of course. If the pipe is too degraded, though, we can replace it with one guaranteed to last you for many years to come.

Nobody likes to have entire sections of their plumbing ripped out and replaced. That’s why, when it has to be done, we do it right the first time. Contact us today to request an estimate with one of our expert technicians in Durham, NC. We’ll make sure you get the repiping solution you need.

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