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The two most common targets for potential remodeling in the average home are the kitchen and bathroom. What does that say about the average homeowner? It says that they spend a lot of time in those areas, and they want to be comfortable in them. While it’s certainly fun to think about what a new sink or bathtub will look like in those spaces, you also need to make sure that you give proper attention to the drainage systems.

One Call Plumbing offers kitchen & bathroom drainage services throughout Raleigh & Durham, NC. If you need help getting your kitchen or bathroom to drain properly, make sure to contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our expert technicians, who are consistently “blending technology with traditional values.”

Unique Drainage Considerations

The kitchen and bathroom are the two areas in the average home with the highest concentration of plumbing appliances. That means they also need to have the most attention devoted to maintaining those appliances. Your various plumbing systems in your kitchen and bathroom are not going to do you much good if they don’t drain properly. Have a look at some of the special considerations you need to make with regard to drain health in these areas:

  • Kitchen Sinks: The kitchen sink definitely is subjected to more wear and tear than other sinks in the home. Vegetable skins, FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) and the like all make it much more likely for the system to develop a clog than, say, a bathroom sink. It’s important that you take the time to schedule drain cleaning services for your kitchen sink at least once a year, even if you have a garbage disposal. The disposal can’t totally prevent clogs from happening, and it certainly can’t do anything about them once they form.
  • Bathtubs and Showers: Bathtubs and showers tend to have to deal with a completely different kind of clog hazard: hair. If you have long hair, or you live with someone who does, then you probably already know how quickly it can clog up a bathroom drain. Using a trap is a good idea, but it’s not a foolproof way to stop clogs from forming. If you are noticing your drain draining more slowly than it should be, it’s a good idea to call a professional to flush out the pipes for you.

Clogged Bathroom and Kitchen Sink Cleaning

The sinks in your home are highly susceptible to clogs. Hair, food particles, and even ordinary household products can wreak havoc on your home’s drains. One Call Plumbing provides quality clogged bathroom and kitchen sink cleaning services to both solve and prevent this common plumbing problem from arising. If you are experiencing clogs in your sinks regularly, or you simply want to avoid backups, just one call will provide you with an expert plumber who can help!

Shower Drain Clogged? Call Us now

If you find yourself standing in inches of water while taking a shower, or unable to drain the bathtub after a good soak, call us right away to unclog your shower drain. A clog in your shower drain can lead to more damage further down in your plumbing system. While shower drains are likely to be caused by hair buildup, they can be difficult to dislodge. When dealing with a plumbing problem, it’s always best to call in the professionals! And our team at One Call is here to help.

Call Us to Handle Your Kitchen & Bathroom Drainage

Both the kitchen and bathroom are areas of the home you rely on for daily life. You certainly don’t want your routine disrupted by something as small as a clogged sink or shower. So, if and when that happens, make sure we’re your first call. One Call Plumbing employs the best professional technicians in the area. They will clear out your drains as quickly as possible.

Whether you’re just having routine maintenance done, or you already have a clog that needs to be removed, we’re here to meet your needs. We offer kitchen and bathroom drainage solutions in Raleigh & Durham, NC. Give us a call to request an estimate on plumbing services in Raleigh & Durham, NC and the surrounding area.

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