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What’s the Point of the Anode Rod in My Water Heater?

water heater tank

If we were to ask you what the most important appliance in your home
is, what would you say? If you’re like many homeowners, you’d probably
reply that it’s your water heater. This system is, after all, a true
workhorse. It provides you with the hot water you need to shower, wash
dishes, do the laundry, and much more. And if you use a tank water
heater, then you rely a lot on a particular component that you might not
even know exists. We’re talking about the anode rod!

While the anode rod certainly isn’t a household name, it really should be in those homes outfitted with tank-style water heaters. The anode rod provides an essential function in order to protect your tank water heater from harm. The anode rod doesn’t last forever, though, so it’s important you know the condition of yours, and give our team a call for Durham, NC water heater services when you need them.

What Is the Anode Rod?

The anode rod is a component that resides in the tank of your water
heater. The anode rod …