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Exploring Your Water Heater Options

Pipes of a water heater

Your home is already equipped with a water heater, but is it in good shape? If it’s a couple decades old, and/or you haven’t had maintenance done and repair needs keep piling up, then it’s likely time to consider a water heater replacement. Are you aware of all your options?

If not, we urge you to give a professional Chapel Hill, NC plumber a call—our team is standing by! In the meantime, we’d like to go over two of the most frequently talked about options in water heater systems, the storage tank system, and the tankless water heater.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

These are still the most popular types of water heaters on the market today. You can get a gas-powered system or if you do not have access to natural gas you can choose to go the electrical route. Some folks choose electrical for safety, too, although gas water heaters are built safer now than ever before.

Tank systems are on the more affordable side to purchase, especially when compared to tankless water heaters. So does this make tank water heaters better? Well, it really depends on your specific …