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Need a Plumbing Fix? Hire a Pro!

Plumber Working On Kitchen Sink Faucet

When you need a plumbing fix, there’s a pretty good chance you need
it fast. Therefore, you’re likely tempted to contact the first person
you can find who will do the job for the cheapest price. So, should you
just go with a general handyman, whose services you would pay less for?

We know this seems like a quick fix, but the experience you
have with this person simply won’t be the same as if you’d gone with a
pro. Our plumbers have been in the business for years, and we know what
can happen when homeowners choose an amateur to complete work in their
home. Even something as simple as unclogging a drain can turn into a
much bigger problem if not handled correctly. Keep reading to learn more
about why it’s important to only work with a pro, and how to determine
if you are working with a pro.

Do They Have Proper Licensing?

All plumbers in North Carolina must have the proper state licensing
to do work in the state. In order to qualify for this license, they have
to meet …

Should You Worry about a Running Toilet?

Toilet In Nice Bathroom

One of the most annoying problems you might face with your bathroom plumbing is a toilet that won’t stop running. The noise is a nuisance, and eventually the excess water you aren’t using will add up in water costs. A running toilet also means the inability to flush.

But if it’s a guest bathroom or a bathroom you don’t otherwise use on a regular basis, you may be tempted to wait and not worry about it too much. We urge you to reconsider. Be sure to call a professional Raleigh & Durham, NC plumber as soon as you notice a running toilet, as it can be caused by any of the following factors.

The Refill Tube is Malfunctioning

This is the component of your toilet that replenishes the water
within the tank. The top of this tube should always remain above water
level. If it doesn’t, however, then you might here intermittent running.

Float Ball Problems

The float ball is a small ball that sinks down when the tank empties
with a flush, opening up the inlet valve on the fill tube. When …

The Importance of Hiring a Pro for Your Plumbing Job

Portrait of male plumber fixing a sink in bathroom

There are specific standards for professional plumbing services in Durham, NC. These standards are in place to ensure that your plumbing system works as effectively and efficiently as it should for as long as possible, and does so safely. When you find your home in need of professional plumbing services in the Durham area or in one of our surrounding service areas, you needn’t look any further than our team—but we feel it’s very important that we tell you to trust in a professional plumber, only.

In addition to the safety and liability guarantees that you can only get from a licensed professional plumbing company, hiring professionals for the job also benefits you in many other ways:

Reliable Training

When you choose to hire just any plumber off the street, you can be left with less than ideal results. The same goes for hiring a general handyman. What you want instead is a plumber who has comprehensive education and training, that which is necessary to handle the worst of clogs, the trickiest of leaks, and busted pipes that can quickly …

Steps to Take in a Plumbing Emergency

An Old Pipe With A Pinhole Leak

If you need to improve your water pressure, would like to look into
upgrading your faucet, or are wondering how a water treatment system
would benefit you, then all you’d need to do is set up an appointment
with a plumber. Quality plumbing contractors will have time available
and will be more than happy to make this a convenient experience for

But what if you have an emergency with your pipes, drains, or plumbing fixtures? Then you need someone to show up fast. You may also need to take some steps on your own to prevent property damage and damage to your plumbing system. We’re here for your reliable Durham, NC emergency plumbing services, and to provide some advice on steps you should take when an emergency hits.

First, Shut Off Your Water!

Chances are, you already did this if you see water gushing from your
pipes into your home. But other signs, such as a sudden drop in water
pressure, may not lead you to action right away, though it should. Shut
off your water as …