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Bathroom Remodel: Factors to Consider

Beautiful Remodeled Bathroom With White Countertops And Fixtures

Does your bathroom look the way you want it to? Is it as functional as it could be? Or do you find yourself having difficulty getting around it? Depending on your answers, you may want to consider a bathroom remodel. After all, your bathrooms are the most used rooms in your home, and with a remodeling job, you could have a whole new space.

Of course, for this kind of job, it pays to work closely with a qualified and experienced Durham, NC plumbing professional. Planning and preparation make a huge difference in the results you’ll see after your bathroom remodel. In fact, there may even be factors you haven’t considered yet, which we’re here to share with you.

Consider Practicality Before Aesthetics

Let’s face it—the main reason most people plan a remodel of any kind is because they don’t like how the space currently looks. We get it. Remodeling gives you the perfect opportunity to change the aesthetics of the space. But you shouldn’t let the desire to have a great looking bathroom overcome the obviously practical needs of the space.

After all, you need to be able to …

Use Your Water Meter to Detect Leaks

Faucet Slowly Dripping Water

Have you found yourself with unnaturally high water bills that can’t
be explained? It stands to reason that your water bills will fluctuate
somewhat from month to month depending on your use. However, when your
utilities skyrocket for no apparent reason, it’s time to take a closer
look at what’s going on with your plumbing system.

Even the smallest plumbing leaks can waste a significant amount of water—in fact, according to the US EPA, a faucet leaking at just one drop per second wastes 3,000 gallons of water per year! But you may have that “small” of a leak anywhere in your water line, including places you can see such as the pipes that run underneath your slab to the ones behind your walls.

So what if you suspect you do have a leak? Is there anything you can do? When it comes down to it, the best thing to do is give our team a call so we can perform professional Durham, NC leak detection services. In the meantime though, the following may help you determine on your …