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What You Should Know About Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing Problem Woman Calling Plumber

When we bring up the term plumbing, what comes to your mind? Is it
the toilet or the shower? What about the drain under the kitchen sink?
Or maybe your mind jumps to your sewer line. Whatever part of your
plumbing pops into your head first, we need you to know one thing: it is
possible to have a plumbing emergency with it.

We aren’t saying this to scare you. Instead, we want you to know this fact so you don’t have to go through the hesitation that can come from wondering whether or not your plumbing system qualifies for emergency plumbing in Cary, NC.

We know that a lot of people may still hesitate to make that call so
we want to help clarify. To ease your mind, we’ve created a list of
examples of potential plumbing issues that qualify as emergencies so the
next time a problem pops up, you won’t need to wonder.

So what might be some instances of a plumbing emergency? Take the following situations as examples:

You Have a Clog

Clogs shouldn’t be ignored. And the truth is they normally can’t be …

What Do I Do with a Plumbing Emergency?

Old Pipe That Has Sprung A Leak

Handling plumbing emergencies is an essential part of what our
plumbers do on a daily basis. But, what exactly constitutes an
emergency? Some are obvious—water gushing out onto your kitchen floor
from a burst pipe is very clearly an urgent problem that must be managed
right away. But, if you notice a slow leak coming from somewhere like
your water heater or think you hear water behind a wall, are those

(The answer is yes)

The first thing you should do when faced with a plumbing emergency is shut off water to the affected area. The next step is to call a professional plumber in Raleigh & Durham, NC, such as any member of our team. The steps you take after this will depend on exactly what plumbing problem(s) you are facing. Keep reading to learn more about a few of these emergencies.

Do You Have an Overflowing Toilet?

This one can easily send you into a panic as not only does it mean
you can’t use your toilet, but that you may have water damage and an
unsanitary mess …