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Is Your Commercial Kitchen Fully Equipped?

Grease trap, pluming device used to intercept greases and solids in Water Treatment System from Household Hazardous.

No, we aren’t talking about cooking utensils and safety gear for kitchen accidents. Though, we certainly hope you’re equipped with all that! Rather, we’re asking if your kitchen is fully equipped with all the plumbing fixtures and components needed for you to run your operation smoothly and hygienically.

You may have seen us mention before on our blog how homeowners should never put FOG (fats, oils and grease) down their kitchen sink drain. But in a restaurant kitchen? You have no choice. There is going to be a high volume of food production and therefore a high volume of FOG, which poses a serious threat. So what can you do?

Make Sure You Have an Effective Grease Trap in Place

A grease trap is an essential component for any business owner or manager running a commercial kitchen. They’re vital for not only preventing clogged drains and backed up sewer lines on your property, but for protecting the municipal plumbing system, too. Whatever commercial grease trap services you require, you can count on our plumbers for …