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How do you know when a plumbing problem warrants an emergency call? This depends, but follow our guide!

Concerned Woman Looking At Leak Under Sink

are probably plenty of plumbers out there who do a great job but don’t
offer emergency services. The thing is, however, a truly comprehensive
plumber understands that plumbing problems rarely happen at a convenient
time—meaning they don’t always happen “within business hours” (wouldn’t
that be nice?). Because your plumbing system is so vital to the
functionality of your home, you might not be able to just sit on the
problem until you can schedule an appointment.

But what exactly should you do? How do you know when a
plumbing problem warrants an emergency call? This depends largely on the
specific situation you’re dealing with. For instance, a small leak or
drip from a single faucet, while annoying, isn’t an emergency. However,
if there’s a burst pipe causing water to spread across your kitchen
floor, this is clearly a different situation. Regardless of what kind of
plumbing problem you have, here are a few things you can do until a
plumber gets to your home.

Shut Off the Water!

Every home has a main water shut-off valve. This cuts off the water
supply …

Beware of These Potential Plumbing Emergencies

Homeowner With Plunger By Toilet

Perhaps the best way to keep your mind at ease about your home’s plumbing system is to have an emergency plumber’s number ready for whenever you might need it. Knowing you can reach out to a trusted, licensed professional if a disaster strikes your home’s plumbing system is one of those things you’ll hope you will never need but will be glad to have it if you do!

Remember, no matter what type of plumbing problem you have, whether an emergency or not, you should not attempt to repair it on your own. It’s particularly crucial that you leave emergency service to the pros, who can act fast and get the job done right. Our team has dealt with many plumbing emergencies throughout the years, and we’ve put together a guideline of some of the more common ones you might run into, below.

Overflowing Toilet

This is, understandably, something you never want to see in your home. Not only will you no longer have use of that toilet, but there is a potential for water damage and unhygienic situations. You can stop the toilet from overflowing in an emergency by turning off the valve on the …

Plumbing Jobs That Should Never be “Do It Yourself”

Homeowner Looking Very Concerned Under Bathroom Sink

We’re really not trying to challenge you with that blog title. We’re simply trying to help you avoid unnecessary costs and panicked calls to an emergency plumber in Raleigh & Durham, NC. While we’ll be there quickly to help with whatever your plumbing problem may be, we’d like to assist you in preventing a problem to begin with. That said, what are some plumbing problems and plumbing jobs that should simply be left to the pros?

Drain and Sewer Cleaning

We’re not talking about a superficial clog. For instance, if there is
hair near the surface of your bathroom sink drain, you could probably
remove it yourself. If it’s a little stubborn, maybe a plunger and a bit
of elbow grease will help. But for drain clogs deeper in the line that
you just can’t get to, we urge you to call the pros—this is usually the
sign of a much bigger problem—the clog is merely a symptom.

When your drains become dirty and clogged from things like soap scum,
too much hair, FOG (fats, oils, and …

How to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter?

Icicles Hanging From A Brown Pipe. Frozen Water And Metal Surface, Winter Time Concept. Selective Focus Shallow Depth Of Field Photo

Temperatures are still pretty nice for now, and don’t usually drop below the point of freezing, but it does happen! And when it does, you don’t want to be surprised by frozen pipes. If you’ve been putting off any winter preparation for your household until it gets closer to winter, we urge you to reconsider. The earlier you prepare for this potential issue, the less likely it is that you’ll need an emergency plumber in Chapel Hill, NC  (although, we’ll be there for you if you do!)

If you’re like the average homeowners, your plumbing system really
probably isn’t something you give a whole lot of thought to. This is
particularly true for plumbing problems, like the
aforementioned frozen pipes. Even just a couple days of below 30°
temperatures though, and you can not only have frozen pipes, but
subsequent burst pipes. So what can you do?

Start With Your Outdoor Faucets

Avoiding frozen and burst pipes is absolutely doable. …