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Caring for Your Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

Commercial Grease Trap

Commercial plumbing systems have a lot in common with their smaller, residential counterparts. But, they are typically more expansive, and therefore more complex. This is particularly true when we’re talking about commercial kitchens. As such, certain problems can arise that could put an absolute halt to your business operations. These problems include issues caused by FOG (fats, oils, and grease), which poses a very serious threat.

It’s for this reason (aside from it being legally required) that your commercial kitchen be equipped with a grease trap, professionally installed and serviced by a commercial Cary, NC plumber. This important system will not only help prevent clogged drains and sewer lines on your property, but will protect the municipal plumbing system as well—helping you to run your business and to do your part in creating a healthier community.

How Do Commercial Grease Traps Work?

The average residential property doesn’t have a need for a grease trap (although, FOG should be avoided in this case, too!) But due to the volume of cooking fats and grease in addition to dirty dishes being thrown into dishwashers and sinks, commercial kitchens can run into very serious issues with grease buildup …