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The Gift That Keeps Giving: Leak Detection

Leak Detection

What is the one gift that you can give yourself this season that will
just keep giving to both you and anyone else in your home throughout
the rest of the year? Leak detection services of course!

This is a service that isn’t just helpful for your home plumbing in Chapel Hill, NC, but it is also a preventative measure that helps keep your plumbing in good shape down the road.

Now, if you haven’t heard of leak detection before, we want you to
know what it is and exactly why you should consider scheduling it in the
near future. After all, Christmas is coming so why not splurge on a
gift for your home and, ultimately, for your comfort?

What is Leak Detection?

This service entails a visit from a professional plumber who will
perform an inspection on your plumbing to see if there are any potential
leaks that need to be addressed before they worsen.

How Does Leak Detection Help Me?

When you schedule leak detection services for your home plumbing, it
is kind of like asking for maintenance and minor repairs in one service.
Not …

3 Signs You Need Water Heater Repairs

Water Heater Repairs

Thanksgiving is around the corner and we are all excited. All the food and family and fun memories to enjoy; all the good parts almost make all the dishes well worth it. Almost.

With that said, washing dishes is likely to be a lot less easy, and less pleasant, if you don’t have any hot water. Additionally, getting ready for the day will be harder when you are facing a shower with no warmth. If you start noticing that your water heater is unable to deliver anymore, it is likely that you need emergency plumbing in Chapel Hill, NC to get it repaired quickly!

Hopefully, however, you can get your water heater repaired before it stops producing hot water. But to do that, you need to know what the warning signs are.

So, what are three major indicators that your water heater might be running into trouble?

Inconsistent Warmth

When you wash dishes or take a shower you are likely to expect that the water temperature stays consistent. If instead, the water takes a long time to heat and then fluctuates between warm, lukewarm, and straight-up cold, …

These 4 Things Should Never Go Down Your Kitchen Sink

Lettuce Being Washed In Kitchen Sink

For the sake of this post, we assume that your kitchen sink includes
one component that’s very important to most homeowners—the garbage
disposal. If you don’t have a disposal system, there are still some
items that shouldn’t go down the kitchen sink, and we’ll get to that

In the meantime, we want to stress that putting the wrong things down
your kitchen sink is not only bad news for your drain system, but you
could be a victim to a garbage disposal that jams up way too frequently,
and you could find yourself calling a plumber pretty often to come fix
it. Keep reading to learn about 4 things that should never go down your
kitchen sink drain—especially if it includes a garbage disposal system!

1.     Non-Food Items

As plumbers, we know that garbage disposal systems are never
to be used to throw away trash. But, not all homeowners realize this.
After all, it’s called a garbage disposal for a reason, right?

If you’re like most homeowners, you may picture your garbage disposal
like a blender—with a sharp blade that …

How to Accelerate Your Repiping Needs

Plumber Installing New Plumbing

“Wait, what?”

You might be scratching your head–why would you want to accelerate your home’s need for repiping? Surely, there is nothing fun about replacing part or all of your plumbing system. It’s inconvenient, costly (our prices are reasonable but let’s face it, unexpected plumbing repairs are never a welcomed hit to the wallet), and no matter the time of year, an interruption to your home comfort.

But if you’re one of those homeowners who use store-bought chemical drain cleaner, you may very well already be accelerating your repiping needs. Read on to learn more!

Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Can Be Harmful

Have you ever looked at the warning label plastered on a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner? There are a number of warnings listed there and for good reason. Most of these products actually contain some pretty nasty chemicals. They’re highly caustic solutions and most of the store-bought drain cleaners you’ll find have terrible chemicals in them—chemicals that not only eat through whatever is clogging your drain, but eat through your pipes.

That’s right, once the drain cleaning solution is done eating through a clog, it coats the inside of the drain pipe …

Exploring Your Water Heater Options

Pipes of a water heater

Your home is already equipped with a water heater, but is it in good shape? If it’s a couple decades old, and/or you haven’t had maintenance done and repair needs keep piling up, then it’s likely time to consider a water heater replacement. Are you aware of all your options?

If not, we urge you to give a professional Chapel Hill, NC plumber a call—our team is standing by! In the meantime, we’d like to go over two of the most frequently talked about options in water heater systems, the storage tank system, and the tankless water heater.

Storage Tank Water Heaters

These are still the most popular types of water heaters on the market today. You can get a gas-powered system or if you do not have access to natural gas you can choose to go the electrical route. Some folks choose electrical for safety, too, although gas water heaters are built safer now than ever before.

Tank systems are on the more affordable side to purchase, especially when compared to tankless water heaters. So does this make tank water heaters better? Well, it really depends on your specific …

How to Prepare Your Pipes for Winter?

Icicles Hanging From A Brown Pipe. Frozen Water And Metal Surface, Winter Time Concept. Selective Focus Shallow Depth Of Field Photo

Temperatures are still pretty nice for now, and don’t usually drop below the point of freezing, but it does happen! And when it does, you don’t want to be surprised by frozen pipes. If you’ve been putting off any winter preparation for your household until it gets closer to winter, we urge you to reconsider. The earlier you prepare for this potential issue, the less likely it is that you’ll need an emergency plumber in Chapel Hill, NC  (although, we’ll be there for you if you do!)

If you’re like the average homeowners, your plumbing system really
probably isn’t something you give a whole lot of thought to. This is
particularly true for plumbing problems, like the
aforementioned frozen pipes. Even just a couple days of below 30°
temperatures though, and you can not only have frozen pipes, but
subsequent burst pipes. So what can you do?

Start With Your Outdoor Faucets

Avoiding frozen and burst pipes is absolutely doable. …