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What You Should Know About Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing Problem Woman Calling Plumber

When we bring up the term plumbing, what comes to your mind? Is it
the toilet or the shower? What about the drain under the kitchen sink?
Or maybe your mind jumps to your sewer line. Whatever part of your
plumbing pops into your head first, we need you to know one thing: it is
possible to have a plumbing emergency with it.

We aren’t saying this to scare you. Instead, we want you to know this fact so you don’t have to go through the hesitation that can come from wondering whether or not your plumbing system qualifies for emergency plumbing in Cary, NC.

We know that a lot of people may still hesitate to make that call so
we want to help clarify. To ease your mind, we’ve created a list of
examples of potential plumbing issues that qualify as emergencies so the
next time a problem pops up, you won’t need to wonder.

So what might be some instances of a plumbing emergency? Take the following situations as examples:

You Have a Clog

Clogs shouldn’t be ignored. And the truth is they normally can’t be …

Preventing Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Problems

Beautiful mother and her daughter washing vegetables in kitchen sink

The family is on their way, the turkey is in the oven, the table is
set, and everything will go off without a hitch. It is Thanksgiving and
this is a time to focus on family, food, and fun. It most certainly is
not when you want to be worrying over an incredibly stubborn clog in
your kitchen sink.

Thankfully, if you do discover yourself faced with a sink filled with water that refuses to drain, you can rely on One Call Plumbing for help with your plumbing in Cary, NC. Our trained plumbers can get your issue fixed fast so you can get back to enjoying the important things.

In the interim, however, we also want to help you out by giving you a
few tips on what you want to avoid putting down your drain so you can
avoid that nasty clog, to begin with.

How To Avoid Holiday Clogs

Calls to help with drain clogs around the holidays are some of the
most common that plumbers encounter. No one enjoys making that …

What You Should Know about Commercial Grease Traps

Commercial Grease Traps

If you own a restaurant or food service establishment, then you likely already know that a commercial grease trap system is a basic part of your business’s plumbing and sanitary system.

You might also know that in order for your establishment to remain up to code, it must have a properly installed and functioning grease trap in place that receives routine maintenance to clean it out. And this is a job for a professional commercial plumber!

What you might not know is how exactly a grease trap functions, and what makes it so important. Read on!

The Job of Your Commercial Grease Trap

The grease trap in your commercial kitchen is there to prevent FOG (fats, oils, and grease, that go down the sink drains from entering into either the public sewer system or the septic tank.

The problem with FOG is that it can quickly clog up pipes and create major obstructions, so as much as possible should be kept from going through your plumbing system’s drain pipes.

Grease traps are particularly important for businesses that rely on a septic system instead of the municipal sewer system, as they can rapidly …

How do you know when a plumbing problem warrants an emergency call? This depends, but follow our guide!

Concerned Woman Looking At Leak Under Sink

are probably plenty of plumbers out there who do a great job but don’t
offer emergency services. The thing is, however, a truly comprehensive
plumber understands that plumbing problems rarely happen at a convenient
time—meaning they don’t always happen “within business hours” (wouldn’t
that be nice?). Because your plumbing system is so vital to the
functionality of your home, you might not be able to just sit on the
problem until you can schedule an appointment.

But what exactly should you do? How do you know when a
plumbing problem warrants an emergency call? This depends largely on the
specific situation you’re dealing with. For instance, a small leak or
drip from a single faucet, while annoying, isn’t an emergency. However,
if there’s a burst pipe causing water to spread across your kitchen
floor, this is clearly a different situation. Regardless of what kind of
plumbing problem you have, here are a few things you can do until a
plumber gets to your home.

Shut Off the Water!

Every home has a main water shut-off valve. This cuts off the water
supply …

Would Your Home Benefit from a Direct Vent Water Heater?

Hand Turning On Faucet Of Water Heaterhand man opening silver faucet or water tap with white washing sink in public toilet.

There are a number of options to consider when choosing your next
water heater installation. For instance, do you want gas or electric? If
you’ve already been using a gas-powered water heater, or if your home
came with an electric water heater already in place, you’d probably like
to go the gas route to save money on operational costs each month.

Next, you will choose either a tank or tankless water heater. But wait, there’s one more option! A direct vent water heater. This isn’t a well-known system, relatively speaking, but it’s a very efficient and safe water heating system.

What Is a Direct Vent Water Heater?

Essentially, the difference between a direct vent water heater and power vent water
heater (the one many homeowners are used to) is that the power vent
system removes combustion gases from the atmosphere through a powered
venting fan, while a direct vent water heater vent these gases into the
outdoor atmosphere using a chimney or exhaust pipe.

Water is …

Beware of These Potential Plumbing Emergencies

Homeowner With Plunger By Toilet

Perhaps the best way to keep your mind at ease about your home’s plumbing system is to have an emergency plumber’s number ready for whenever you might need it. Knowing you can reach out to a trusted, licensed professional if a disaster strikes your home’s plumbing system is one of those things you’ll hope you will never need but will be glad to have it if you do!

Remember, no matter what type of plumbing problem you have, whether an emergency or not, you should not attempt to repair it on your own. It’s particularly crucial that you leave emergency service to the pros, who can act fast and get the job done right. Our team has dealt with many plumbing emergencies throughout the years, and we’ve put together a guideline of some of the more common ones you might run into, below.

Overflowing Toilet

This is, understandably, something you never want to see in your home. Not only will you no longer have use of that toilet, but there is a potential for water damage and unhygienic situations. You can stop the toilet from overflowing in an emergency by turning off the valve on the …

Does Your Business Need Hydro-Jetting?

Plumber Performing Hydro-Jetting

No matter what type of business you run, whether it’s a restaurant where you have extensive kitchen plumbing or a basic office with a bathroom and a sink, you have plumbing needs. Perhaps you try to handle those plumbing needs on your own—if a bathroom sink is clogged you can just pour some liquid drain cleaner down it and call it a day, right?

Well, not so much. These are actually pretty harmful to pipes—which we’ll get into more below—and with much higher stakes than in a residential situation, you want to ensure you are taking the best care you can of your commercial plumbing in Cary, NC. Read on to learn more about how chemical liquid drain cleaners can do more harm than good, and how beneficial hydro-jetting can be for your business.

Why You Shouldn’t Rely on Chemicals

Professionals will never recommend the common drain cleaning chemicals for even homeowners, let alone business owners. We understand that this might seem like a simple fix, and a convenient one, but here are some truths about those drain cleaning chemicals:

They are some of the most toxic and caustic chemicals you can find at the store—potentially leading to skin and …

Caring for Your Commercial Kitchen Plumbing

Commercial Grease Trap

Commercial plumbing systems have a lot in common with their smaller, residential counterparts. But, they are typically more expansive, and therefore more complex. This is particularly true when we’re talking about commercial kitchens. As such, certain problems can arise that could put an absolute halt to your business operations. These problems include issues caused by FOG (fats, oils, and grease), which poses a very serious threat.

It’s for this reason (aside from it being legally required) that your commercial kitchen be equipped with a grease trap, professionally installed and serviced by a commercial Cary, NC plumber. This important system will not only help prevent clogged drains and sewer lines on your property, but will protect the municipal plumbing system as well—helping you to run your business and to do your part in creating a healthier community.

How Do Commercial Grease Traps Work?

The average residential property doesn’t have a need for a grease trap (although, FOG should be avoided in this case, too!) But due to the volume of cooking fats and grease in addition to dirty dishes being thrown into dishwashers and sinks, commercial kitchens can run into very serious issues with grease buildup …