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Prevent Kitchen Sink Clogs with This One Tip

Mother Standing Over Kitchen Sink Washing Food With Her Young Daughter

There’s one tip out there that if every homeowner followed, there’d
be a lot fewer calls for clogged drains and drain cleaning. That is,
“don’t put FOG down the drain!” FOG is one of the biggest threats there
is to your plumbing system, which we’ll get to below.

Of course, when you do need effective and efficient Raleigh & Durham, NC drain cleaning, we are the team to call. But, we’d like to help you avoid problems with your kitchen sink to begin with, whether that’s through routine plumbing maintenance (which we recommend you schedule once a year) or alerting you to the dangers of FOG and other common drain clogging culprits.

But, What Is FOG?

FOG stands for fats, oils, and grease—you know, the byproducts of
many of the meals you likely cook in your kitchen. We understand how
easy, and therefore how tempting, it is to just dump your cooking
leftovers down the drain and be done with it, but unfortunately, this
can and does do a lot …