What Do I Do with a Plumbing Emergency?

Old Pipe That Has Sprung A Leak

Handling plumbing emergencies is an essential part of what our plumbers do on a daily basis. But, what exactly constitutes an emergency? Some are obvious—water gushing out onto your kitchen floor from a burst pipe is very clearly an urgent problem that must be managed right away. But, if you notice a slow leak coming from somewhere like your water heater or think you hear water behind a wall, are those emergencies?

(The answer is yes)

The first thing you should do when faced with a plumbing emergency is shut off water to the affected area. The next step is to call a professional plumber in Raleigh & Durham, NC, such as any member of our team. The steps you take after this will depend on exactly what plumbing problem(s) you are facing. Keep reading to learn more about a few of these emergencies.

Do You Have an Overflowing Toilet?

This one can easily send you into a panic as not only does it mean you can’t use your toilet, but that you may have water damage and an unsanitary mess in your bathroom. The good news is that the overflow can quickly be stopped, by turning the valve on the feedline to stop the flow of water.

If you have an older toilet that doesn’t include this valve, then open the toilet tank and rig up the chain to the flapper in order to stop the water flow. We’d also recommend a toilet upgrade if you have a toilet old enough to be missing its valve.

Do You Have a Clogged Sink?

This is probably one of the most common calls that plumbers receive. In the best case scenario, a clog can be cleared with a plunger and a little bit of elbow grease. What we don’t recommend is using chemical drain cleaners to try to relieve the clog. This provides a temporary fix at best, and can actually damage your plumbing to the point that you need repiping and plumbing repair.

It’s also worth noting that if multiple drains throughout your home are blocked, then you may have a clog down in your sewer line, which definitely requires service from a trained and experienced professional.

Is Your Hot Water Depleted?

Our team deals with a lot of different types of water heaters—it is a large part of the plumbing profession after all. This means when you have a problem with yours, we’ve seen it before and we know what to do.

While this doesn’t immediately seem like a major emergency, you do want to make sure that the reason for this hot water loss isn’t because the hot water line broke and is leaking somewhere (such as beneath your home’s foundation).

Does Your Washing Machine Hose Have a Leak?

This is one of those that really doesn’t seem like an emergency, but consider this—what if you have no idea how long this leak has been occurring? If this is the case, then water might have already infiltrated a space in your home susceptible to mold and mildew growth. The best thing you can do if you notice this problem is to cease use of your washing machine, and call in a pro to inspect the system in the meantime.

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