Preventing Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Problems

Beautiful mother and her daughter washing vegetables in kitchen sink

The family is on their way, the turkey is in the oven, the table is set, and everything will go off without a hitch. It is Thanksgiving and this is a time to focus on family, food, and fun. It most certainly is not when you want to be worrying over an incredibly stubborn clog in your kitchen sink.

Thankfully, if you do discover yourself faced with a sink filled with water that refuses to drain, you can rely on One Call Plumbing for help with your plumbing in Cary, NC. Our trained plumbers can get your issue fixed fast so you can get back to enjoying the important things.

In the interim, however, we also want to help you out by giving you a few tips on what you want to avoid putting down your drain so you can avoid that nasty clog, to begin with.

How To Avoid Holiday Clogs

Calls to help with drain clogs around the holidays are some of the most common that plumbers encounter. No one enjoys making that call to a plumber to ask them to save their holiday meal, or, worse yet, to help them with a drain that’s been completely destroyed. That is why we want you to know what not to put down your drains so your holiday is clog-free.

Oil and Grease

These are the most commonly known substances that people shouldn’t dump down the drain and yet so many of us wash them away. Grease or oil will often coagulate along the sides of the drain and capture other bits that are sent down the drain. This slowly but surely creates a nice, immovable clog.

Coffee Grounds and Eggshells

French Press users need to pay attention to this one. Don’t wash those grounds down the drain! They will get end up coating the drain and can eventually create a problematic clog. Instead, make sure to toss the grounds into the trash.

Similar to coffee grounds, eggshells can catch on any sticky substance lining the drain and play a role in getting more washed away food scraps caught up to form a clog. The next time you go to grind up those eggshells, put them in the trash can instead.

Drain Cleaning Liquid

“But, wait, this will help clear the clog right?”

Actually, while drain cleaners can help address some minor clogging, they don’t do much good in most cases. In fact, they can do more damage to your drains than an alternate cleaning method. Even worse, the fumes from these liquids can hurt you and your loved ones!

Keep Ahead of the Clog with Drain Cleaning

The question you are likely asking now is, “If you have a clog but you aren’t supposed to use drain cleaners, what are you supposed to do when the kitchen sink won’t drain?” There is always the trusty plunger or a drain snake of course. However, things go a lot smoother when you call a professional for drain cleaning ahead of time to make sure there is nothing already coating your drains that might cause a problem on Thanksgiving day.

If you have a troublesome clog or you are hoping to keep your Thanksgiving free of plumbing problems, we can help.

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