No, That Knocking Probably Isn’t Early Trick-or-Treaters

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You’ve checked your front porch a few different times now simply because you could swear that you heard someone knocking on your door. Each time you look through the peephole though, there is no one there. So where is that knocking coming from?

It isn’t the local kids playing pranks or trying to get their candy early; it is more than likely the noise is coming from within your home’s plumbing. Specifically, that knocking may be coming from the pipes that supply water to the different appliances in your house, like your faucets, showers, or laundry machine.

If you haven’t noticed any issues with your water pressure and the noise isn’t terrible, you might be tempted to ignore the strange knocking in your walls. We would strongly encourage you not to.

If you want to find out why your pipes are trying to tell you something, keep reading! (We would also suggest you reach out to a plumber in Cary, NC while you are reading too, just to be safe!

Why Are My Pipes Knocking?

To understand why your pipes are making a knocking sound, it will help to get a crash course on what keeps your water flowing.

In short, you have sections of your plumbing called air chambers that keep your water flow in check. These chambers are filled with, you guessed it, air, that creates a cushion of sorts, keeping the water in your pipes from slamming into valves when they close.

If your air chamber becomes flooded, however, it can’t provide its service as your water supply’s cushion. Without it, the water in your pipes does slam into the valves whenever they close. For example, you may hear it when you turn off a faucet after washing your hands and BAM water meets a closed valve and the noise of this collision ricochets back through the pipes. This knocking that you hear is an effect known as “water hammer.”

Why Water Hammer Is a Big Problem

Water hammer might seem like a mild noisy annoyance but, much like lights being turned off and off because of a poltergeist, the effect indicates and much more serious issue.

To start with, if your air chamber is flooded, it means that you have a vitally important part of your plumbing that needs to be fixed.

The change in the air in your pipes can also cause an imbalance in pressure within your pipes which will eventually lead to water pressure issues or, worse, a burst pipe. Aside from potential damage to your pipes, water hammer can also harm your valves due to water slamming into them each time they are shut.

When you add up the noise and the potential for damage to your home’s plumbing, the likely conclusion is that you should reach out for a  professional plumber to help fix the issue as soon as you can.

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