“Do I Really Need to Hire a Pro for My Plumbing Work?”

Professional Plumber Doing Reparation In Kitchen Home.
Professional plumber doing reparation in kitchen home.

When it comes to jobs around the house, plumbing tasks are the most likely to be DIY-attempts. You may think that plumbing isn’t that hard—that you can save money by handling any problems or installation jobs on your own.

But the truth is, plumbing is not that simple. It requires the work of licensed professionals to handle most jobs—with the exception of things like relieving a superficial clog with a plunger or perhaps changing a washer in your faucet. Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons you should call a professional plumber when you need work done involving your pipes.

Professionals are Trained and Licensed

Plumbing isn’t an easy vocation to get into. It takes years of training to become skilled enough that the plumbing can solve almost any problem in a home. Plumbers must have a state contractor’s license to prove they’re professionals. When you hire a plumber, you can absolutely ask for proof of licensing to ensure you have an individual with appropriate training and expertise.

They Have the Right Tools and Know-How to Use Them

Sure, the tools you’ll find at a big box store or an online retailer look nice, and simple enough to use. In fact, professional plumbers use many of those same tools. There’s an important difference to keep in mind, though—they also have specialized tools that aren’t easily available at the consumer level. And even with the more common tools, plumbers have the expertise to use them properly. Even just picking out the right size wrench takes trained knowledge.

Professional Plumbers Offer Emergency Services

Well, not all professionals do, but the leading plumbing contractors absolutely provide emergency services. After all, an emergency plumbing situation never happens at a convenient time, right? And fast action is critical for some plumbing problems—such as a burst pipe.

No DIY-enthusiast or amateur plumber will be able to move fast enough to get the problem fixed before it creates a big mess and potential property damage.

You’ll Get a Permanent Solutions

Licensed and experienced plumbers don’t look for the “quick fix” when it comes to plumbing troubles like leaks or low water pressure. A professional plumber provides solutions to plumbing issues that last for years. For instance, a plumber doesn’t just remove a stubborn clog—they’ll use professional drain cleaning tools to reduce the risk of the clog happening again.

Professional Plumber Can Tackle Many Tasks

This has to do with their level of training—licensed plumbers are able to take on many different types of plumbing jobs, ranging from basic leaks to whole-house repiping needs. Professional plumbers bring knowledge of many tasks to each job, and they use this broad knowledge to quickly track down the source of the issues.

The plumbers on our team are the ones you can trust for whatever your plumbing needs may be. Whether you have a problem that needs fixing or you’re looking to install new plumbing fixtures, we can help!

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