Are You in Need of a Thorough Drain Cleaning?

Animation of arrows going through a p trap pipe

There’s one particular component of your home’s plumbing system that you likely do not give a whole lot of thought to, and that’s your drain and sewer system. If this system isn’t properly maintained, however, it can create serious problems for the entire plumbing system.

Fortunately, it’s not hard to keep your drain system in good shape. All you need to do is make sure you schedule Durham, NC drain cleaning services on a regular basis—once a year—with a professional plumber. That doesn’t mean you won’t need drain cleaning outside of your maintenance appointment, but routine maintenance does help to reduce the chances of a huge plumbing emergency. That being said, keep reading to learn about the signs that you do, in fact, need a drain cleaning.

Slow Drainage

Drain clogs are probably the single biggest plumbing problem you’re likely to deal with when it comes to your drain and sewer system. Clogs typically form over time, as waste builds up on the inside of your drain pipe walls. As clogs grow toward the center of the pipe, it restricts the flow of water.

If you notice only one drain is moving more slowly than usual, then you’re probably only dealing with a clog in that single fixture. If it’s occurring in multiple drains, then you most likely have a sewer line clog—which is a considerably more severe problem that requires quick attention from a pro. No matter which scenario it is, though, you should give us a call before the clog has the chance to do further damage.

Bad Smells

This symptom is typically more prevalent with kitchen sink drains, which have to deal with food waste. Other drains might exhibit foul odors as well, however. If you detect this coming from any of your drains, it can be due to particularly bad waste buildup in that specific pipe.

It’s important to keep in mind, that foul odors coming from multiple drains probably means that you have a problem deeper down in your sewer system. Drain cleaning might not be effective for this type of issue, but our plumbers will help you assess the situation and find the right resolution.

Don’t Skip Maintenance

As we mentioned above, even if you haven’t noticed any obvious signs that your drains are in trouble, it’s still a good idea to scheduling professional drain cleaning services on a regular basis. Since drain clogs tend to build up over time, preventive drain cleaning will often clean out waste buildup that would have eventually caused big plumbing problems later on.

Remember, plumbing issues can happen any time. There’s not one season that you’re likely to deal with a clog or some other problem than another, like there is with HVAC systems. So, it’s not as important to scheduling plumbing maintenance during a certain time of the year, as long as you are having it done each year.

During your maintenance appointment, we will fully inspect your entire plumbing system, alerting you to any clogs that might already be there. We’ll also let you know if there are any outstanding issues that would benefit from your attention.

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