The Best Way to Prevent Drain Problems in Your Business

Bathroom Sinks In Commercial Building

Whether you run a commercial kitchen or own a business that has a small kitchen in it in addition to bathrooms, there is one system in your building that needs the right kind of attention and care—and that’s your plumbing system. Let’s say you have a problem with one of the drains in your building. At home, you’d just go out and get a bottle of drain cleaner, pour it down, and call it a day, right?

Well, the best way to prevent drain problems in your business is by not employing this same tactic there. The thing is, these store-bought, cheap, chemical drain cleaners are not the right solution for home drains or for your business. Keep reading to learn why, and to learn about professional drain cleaning methods.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Only Dissolve Some Sources of Clogs

And guess what sources they dissolve? Hair! Unless we’re talking about a gym business with showers, or a hair salon, we doubt very much that people are styling their hair in your business, and therefore these chemical drain cleaners would be absolutely useless for a clog in one of your drains. Grease, grime and food particles in a commercial kitchen, or too much toilet paper jammed down a commercial toilet, isn’t going to be resolved with these “solutions.”

Liquid Drain Cleaners Can Make the Problem Worse

In fact, some of the particles that the chemical drain cleaner isn’t able to dissolve might only get pushed further along in the drain line. So, you could end up with clogs deep along in the pipes, and even the sewer lines leading away from your commercial space, which will require the assistance of a professional to resolve, anyway.

Some People are Sensitive to Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners have side effects. They’re extremely toxic and can cause irritation or injury to the skin and eyes. It’s one thing to use these solutions in your home, but it’s another to use it in your commercial space, where tenants, employees, or guests can inhale the fumes and get sick.

That’s not the only side effect, either—chemical drain cleaners can eat away at the lining of the pipes, leading to premature plumbing replacement.

Trust a Pro for Your Commercial Plumbing Needs!

For the toughest of drain clogs in your business, liquids and chemicals won’t do the trick. If you have a commercial kitchen, then the answer for the kitchen area is commercial grease traps, which will capture FOG (Fats, Oils, and Grease) that would otherwise backup in the plumbing.

For the other plumbing drains and fixtures, we recommend hydro-jetting. This involves a high-pressured hose with an omnidirectional head that forcefully scours away anything causing clogs way down deep in the pipes, thus eliminating the problem.

Remember, your commercial plumbing is complex—much more so than your home’s plumbing. Therefore, working on this system requires in-depth knowledge of commercial plumbing systems, which only professionals will have.

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