Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Split Drainage Pipe With Roots

Your home’s sewer line is its method of removing waste and wastewater from your plumbing and moving it to the civic sewer system. This is something we all know but may take for granted.

Sewer lines are typically buried under the ground in your yard, keeping them safe from damage and from inclement weather. Due to being out sight, though, they’re often out of mind. This means that when trouble arises, it may not be immediately obvious.

This means it’s important that you know how to spot the signs of trouble with your sewer line, so you can call for help from a professional plumber right away. What are these signs, though? Read on to find out!

Puddles in Your Yard

A leak from your sewer line can, understandably, produce puddles in your yard. If it hasn’t been raining recently and you don’t have a broken sprinkler system head, then there’s a good chance you’re looking at the product of a sewer line or main water line leak—both of which require a call to the pros.

Excess Greenery

The plants and landscaping in your yard will use a leaking sewer line as a natural fertilizer. In some cases, tree roots may even find their way to your sewer line through micro-fissures in the plumbing, and shoot roots into the interior of the sewer line. Regardless of whether that happens or not, sewer water leakage will almost definitely result in vegetation in your yard that’s greener and healthier than the rest of your yard.

Slow Drains

It’s not rare to deal with a clock or backup in your drains. What is rare though, is when all the drains of your home are slow or nonfunctional. This is a huge sign that you’re dealing with a sewer line clog that’s not allowing your plumbing to adequately drain the water from your home.

Mold and Bacteria Growth

Leaks in your sewer line can lead to mold and bacteria growth in and around your property. This is something that can make you very ill and is often caused by plumbing leaks due to excess moisture being in places it should be.

Foul Odors

If you walk through your home and notice foul odors coming from multiple drains—it’s probably not a coincidence. It’s very likely that you have a sewer line blockage that isn’t allowing wastewater to fully drain from your home’s plumbing system—therefore the odors are coming back up into your home.

Sinkholes or Divots

If the ground around your sewer line becomes too saturated with leaking water, it can begin to shift, causing divots and sinkholes in your lawn. Sinkholes can turn into a dangerous situation, so if you suspect or notice a sewer line leak, please be sure to call our pros right away.

Cracks in Concrete

Over time, the liquid released from a sewer line leak can create pressure that damages the concrete of porches and even pools. It can even impact the foundation of your home.

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