Are Bathroom Wipes Really Flushable?

Are Bathroom Wipes Really Flushable?With toilet paper becoming a hard-to-find commodity over the past few months, we’ve seen plenty of jokes about having to use other items to do one’s business. In reality though, plumbing problems are no laughing matter. Any time you flush a product other than toilet paper, you risk causing a clog.

That leads us to a hot debate – what about “flushable” wipes? You may notice that we put that word in quotes, which could give you an idea of where we stand.

How toilet paper works differently than wipes

Standard toilet paper is specifically designed to dissolve in water. This prevents TP from creating a blockage in your plumbing, as well as when it reaches your sewer or septic system. Not all toilet paper is created equal, however. Products with multiple-ply counts or lotions will break down a bit slower than your run-of-the-mill single-ply varieties – but they still do the job.

On the other hand, the majority of adult or baby wipes do not break down quickly enough to be safe for plumbing systems. One clue is that these products are pre-moistened, so they obviously are able to maintain strength in liquid.

Plumbing problems caused by wipes

No matter what the packaging says, wipes are not safe to flush down the toilet. They go in the same category as other products like cotton balls, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, diapers, and more. All of these items should all go in the trash.

If you do flush wipes on a regular basis, it can lead to many different plumbing issues. They can get caught in the trap of the toilet, cause a blockage in the sewer or septic pipe, or contribute to a major blockage in the sewer system (commonly referred to as ragging). Bottom line, if you’re not careful, using wipes could cost you money on expensive plumbing repairs.

We understand that many people prefer using wipes over toilet paper for comfort and cleanliness. That’s your choice, but please keep in mind that the only safe product to flush is TP – everything else should be discarded into the waste bin.

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