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Soak Up Knowledge About Your Hose Bib

We’ve waited long enough to enjoy the summer weather outside our homes. For many activities – from playing in sprinklers to gardening – you will need access to water. This is where the hose bib becomes one of your summer BFFs. 
Soak Up Knowledge About Your Hose Bib
In this article, we’re talking about hose bibs – what makes them different than inside faucets and potential problems to look out for. 
What is a hose bib?
A hose bib is a type of water faucet that is found on the exterior of your home. Most commonly, this is where you attach a hose to water the lawn, wash the car, fill the pool, or a variety of other uses.
What makes things confusing is there are many alternate names for a hose bib, including spigot, hose valve, outdoor water faucet, sillcock, and more. No matter what you call it, odds are that you use it more frequently in the summer.
Parts of a hose bib
Because of the outdoor elements, a hose bib is built differently than other water faucets you’d …