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What to Do When Cold Weather Strikes Your Pipes

Icicles Hanging From A Brown Pipe. Frozen Water And Metal Surface, Winter Time Concept. Selective Focus Shallow Depth Of Field Photo

Cooler temperatures are right around the corner for us. With your
water heater having been checked already you feel prepared for the drop
in temperature. There is nothing a warm shower and an extra cozy sweater
can’t handle.

But are your pipes prepared?

The plumbing that takes water to and from your home is vital to your
everyday life. Unfortunately, these pipes can’t throw on a coat when the
air turns chillier than normal. What’s more, cold weather can have a
negative impact on your plumbing that can bring that warm shower to a
screeching halt.

The question is, are you prepared to handle the issues that cold weather can cause for your pipes?

We are in the midst of fall with winter and the cold weather that
comes with it fast approaching. This climate change can have a big
impact on your plumbing so it helps to be prepared by knowing what cold
weather can do and how to prevent plumbing problems when you need …

No, That Knocking Probably Isn’t Early Trick-or-Treaters

Plumbing Valves Gauges

You’ve checked your front porch a few different times now simply
because you could swear that you heard someone knocking on your door.
Each time you look through the peephole though, there is no one there.
So where is that knocking coming from?

It isn’t the local kids playing pranks or trying to get their candy
early; it is more than likely the noise is coming from within your
home’s plumbing. Specifically, that knocking may be coming from the
pipes that supply water to the different appliances in your house, like
your faucets, showers, or laundry machine.

If you haven’t noticed any issues with your water pressure and the
noise isn’t terrible, you might be tempted to ignore the strange
knocking in your walls. We would strongly encourage you not to.

If you want to find out why your pipes are trying to tell you something, keep reading! (We would also suggest you reach out to a plumber in Cary, NC while you are reading too, just to be safe!

Why Are My Pipes Knocking?

To understand why your pipes are making a knocking sound, it …