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How to Accelerate Your Repiping Needs

Plumber Installing New Plumbing

“Wait, what?”

You might be scratching your head–why would you want to accelerate your home’s need for repiping? Surely, there is nothing fun about replacing part or all of your plumbing system. It’s inconvenient, costly (our prices are reasonable but let’s face it, unexpected plumbing repairs are never a welcomed hit to the wallet), and no matter the time of year, an interruption to your home comfort.

But if you’re one of those homeowners who use store-bought chemical drain cleaner, you may very well already be accelerating your repiping needs. Read on to learn more!

Store-Bought Drain Cleaners Can Be Harmful

Have you ever looked at the warning label plastered on a bottle of store-bought drain cleaner? There are a number of warnings listed there and for good reason. Most of these products actually contain some pretty nasty chemicals. They’re highly caustic solutions and most of the store-bought drain cleaners you’ll find have terrible chemicals in them—chemicals that not only eat through whatever is clogging your drain, but eat through your pipes.

That’s right, once the drain cleaning solution is done eating through a clog, it coats the inside of the drain pipe …

How You Know You Need Hydro Jetting

Drain Cleaning Illustration

The last time you had a slow drain, you may have reached for a simple solution—store-bought liquid drain cleaner. Either that, or a plunger and nothing else but a little “elbow grease” (which hopefully solved the problem!)

Of course, not only is liquid drain cleaner actually bad for your plumbing system, it will do nothing for really large backups like a severe limescale buildup, pipe damage, or even tree root infiltration in your sewer line. A better solution may be what’s called hydro-jetting [more on that below!]

“I Really Can’t Just Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?”

Any professional plumber with decent experience will never recommend those common drain cleaning chemicals found in many hardware stores and even grocery stores. We know this seems like an easy solution, but here are the facts about these liquid “drain cleaners”:

They are some of the most caustic and toxic chemicals you can buy at the store, with the potential to injure your skin and eyes.They can damage the lining of your plumbing pipes.The chemicals in these drain cleaners aren’t able to dissolve certain types of clogs—they might only push the problem further down in the sewer …