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Signs of Sewer Line Problems

Split Drainage Pipe With Roots

Your home’s sewer line is its method of removing waste and wastewater from your plumbing and moving it to the civic sewer system. This is something we all know but may take for granted.

Sewer lines are typically buried under the ground in your yard, keeping them safe from damage and from inclement weather. Due to being out sight, though, they’re often out of mind. This means that when trouble arises, it may not be immediately obvious.

This means it’s important that you know how to spot the signs of trouble with your sewer line, so you can call for help from a professional plumber right away. What are these signs, though? Read on to find out!

Puddles in Your Yard

A leak from your sewer line can, understandably, produce puddles in your yard. If it hasn’t been raining recently and you don’t have a broken sprinkler system head, then there’s a good chance you’re looking at the product of a sewer line or main water line leak—both of which require a call to the pros.

Excess Greenery

The plants and landscaping in your yard will use a leaking sewer line as …

Preventing Kitchen Sink Clogs

plumber inspecting kitchen sinkProfessional plumber doing reparation in kitchen home.

We addressed the causes of some of the most common sink drain clogs and what to do about them in our previous blog post. Today, we want to talk about preventing kitchen drain clogs altogether. Kitchen sink clogs come in many forms. And if you have a garbage disposal, you’re even more likely to run into this problem.

“What?” You might be thinking, “shouldn’t it be the other way around?”

Well, yes. Technically, garbage disposal use should make it less
likely that you’ll develop kitchen sink clogs. After all, they’re there
for you when you have unfinished meals, kitchen scraps, and even
spoiling leftovers that you don’t want stinking up your trash can and
your home. But it’s the dependence on these systems that gets some homeowners into trouble.

Think about it—have you ever been frustrated by a garbage disposal
that seems to keep jamming up? Or maybe you’ve had to call in a plumber
one too many times, to pull something out of the mechanism to get it to
work again. Perhaps …