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The Best Way to Fend Off Sink Clogs

Water Flowing Down Sink Drain

There’s no doubt that one of the most annoying things for homeowners to deal with is when a plumbing fixture or sink in the home isn’t draining as it should. You might be simply brushing your teeth when suddenly you have to deal with a backed up sink. Or perhaps you’re taking a morning shower when suddenly it looks like you’re drawing a bath instead.

You’d probably like a quick fix, and we get it! But this isn’t always the best idea. Keep reading to learn more about how to not only prevent drain clogs from forming in the first place, but also what do when drain clogs do happen.

The Most Common Sink Drain Clogs

First off, it’s helpful to know what types of things most commonly clog up sink drains. When it comes to your bathroom, hair is an extremely common culprit for not only the sink, but also the bathtub drain. And too much toilet paper can clog up your toilet as well, which is a whole other story.

In the kitchen, FOG is a common culprit. This stands for fats, oils, and grease. FOG hardens as …

How do you know when a plumbing problem warrants an emergency call? This depends, but follow our guide!

Concerned Woman Looking At Leak Under Sink

are probably plenty of plumbers out there who do a great job but don’t
offer emergency services. The thing is, however, a truly comprehensive
plumber understands that plumbing problems rarely happen at a convenient
time—meaning they don’t always happen “within business hours” (wouldn’t
that be nice?). Because your plumbing system is so vital to the
functionality of your home, you might not be able to just sit on the
problem until you can schedule an appointment.

But what exactly should you do? How do you know when a
plumbing problem warrants an emergency call? This depends largely on the
specific situation you’re dealing with. For instance, a small leak or
drip from a single faucet, while annoying, isn’t an emergency. However,
if there’s a burst pipe causing water to spread across your kitchen
floor, this is clearly a different situation. Regardless of what kind of
plumbing problem you have, here are a few things you can do until a
plumber gets to your home.

Shut Off the Water!

Every home has a main water shut-off valve. This cuts off the water
supply …