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Need a Plumbing Fix? Hire a Pro!

Plumber Working On Kitchen Sink Faucet

When you need a plumbing fix, there’s a pretty good chance you need
it fast. Therefore, you’re likely tempted to contact the first person
you can find who will do the job for the cheapest price. So, should you
just go with a general handyman, whose services you would pay less for?

We know this seems like a quick fix, but the experience you
have with this person simply won’t be the same as if you’d gone with a
pro. Our plumbers have been in the business for years, and we know what
can happen when homeowners choose an amateur to complete work in their
home. Even something as simple as unclogging a drain can turn into a
much bigger problem if not handled correctly. Keep reading to learn more
about why it’s important to only work with a pro, and how to determine
if you are working with a pro.

Do They Have Proper Licensing?

All plumbers in North Carolina must have the proper state licensing
to do work in the state. In order to qualify for this license, they have
to meet …

Would Your Home Benefit from a Direct Vent Water Heater?

Hand Turning On Faucet Of Water Heaterhand man opening silver faucet or water tap with white washing sink in public toilet.

There are a number of options to consider when choosing your next
water heater installation. For instance, do you want gas or electric? If
you’ve already been using a gas-powered water heater, or if your home
came with an electric water heater already in place, you’d probably like
to go the gas route to save money on operational costs each month.

Next, you will choose either a tank or tankless water heater. But wait, there’s one more option! A direct vent water heater. This isn’t a well-known system, relatively speaking, but it’s a very efficient and safe water heating system.

What Is a Direct Vent Water Heater?

Essentially, the difference between a direct vent water heater and power vent water
heater (the one many homeowners are used to) is that the power vent
system removes combustion gases from the atmosphere through a powered
venting fan, while a direct vent water heater vent these gases into the
outdoor atmosphere using a chimney or exhaust pipe.

Water is …