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What to Do When Your Drains Stop Up

Family Washing Hands At Kitchen Sink

One of the most frustrating issues for a homeowner to deal with is when a fixture or sink won’t drain properly. You could be doing something as simple as brushing your teeth when suddenly you notice your bathroom sink is backing up with water. Or you could be taking a shower when it turns into something that resembles a bath instead.

Chances are, you’ll look for a quick solution, such as chemical, store-bought drain cleaners. But we encourage you to contact our professionals instead.

“Why Not Use Store-Bought Drain Cleaners?”

After all, it seems like these drain cleaning chemicals would be the easiest way to unclog backed up drains, right? But half the time, they don’t actually work. This is because the chemicals in drain cleaning liquids may be formulated to dissolve some types of clogs, but not all of them—like grease. Chemical drain cleaners might only move the clog further down the drain.

There are other reasons to avoid these chemical “solutions,” too. They’re highly toxic and can wear down the lining of your pipes if used too often.

“So, I Can Never Relieve Clogs on My Own?”

Well, we …

Need a New Water Heater?

Water HeaterPipes of a heating system

it comes to purchasing any major appliance or piece of equipment for
your home, there are a lot of decisions to make, not the least of which
is what model of the appliance to get. The water heater is no exception.
Sure, if you already have a storage tank water heater, it would be easy
to just get another one and call it a day.

But this isn’t your only option. Today’s water heater choices keep
efficiency in mind, and while a tank water heater may be the way to go,
you’d do well to consider a tankless or direct vent model before making
your purchase. Keep reading to learn more!

Tank vs. Tankless Water Heaters

The very first choice you’ll need to make about your water heater
purchase is whether you want a gas-powered system—which is typically
more affordable month to month—or an electric one. Next, you’ll need to
choose between a tank or tankless system. Almost all homes can upgrade
to tankless if the homeowner chooses this, and there are many benefits
to doing so. It is …