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Is Your Plumbing Problem an Emergency?

Blue Cloth Tied Around Pipe

Comprehensive plumbing companies usually offer emergency services for
those times when a plumbing problem just can’t wait. And as much as we
may like them too, instances of clogs, leaks, and other plumbing
problems don’t often wait for a “convenient” time to hit.

Since your home’s plumbing system is so essential to its operation, it’s likely that you can’t just sit on the problem until you can make an appointment. A reputable emergency plumber in Holly Springs, NC will ensure your plumbing problem gets fixed right away and that your plumbing system is back up to speed in no time.

Emergency versus Non-Emergency

So, which is it time to make that call? When do you need to worry and
get a plumber out ASAP and when can you wait? This will, of course,
depend on the individual circumstances of that plumbing issue. For
instance, a leak in a single faucet may not be cause for concern, but if
you see water gushing or spreading across your kitchen floor, it’s a
different situation entirely.

Deciding How Long You Can Wait

When you have water gushing out …

Water Heater Installation: Is It Time to Go Tankless?

Repair of The Gas Water Heater

When it comes to using hot water in your home, you probably don’t think about it very much, even though you do it on a daily and even hourly basis. In other words, most people take their hot water for granted. Water heaters are such a standard part of modern homes, who would give a whole lot of thought to this aspect of their plumbing in Carrboro, NC?

Nevertheless, if you’re using an old and/or inefficient water heater system, then you may be paying more than necessary for it to operate. Water heaters are designed to last a very long time and are extremely durable, but eventually you’ll need to replace yours. If you already have the standard storage tank-type water heater, then you may think you can only replace it with another upgraded version.

This might be the right choice for your home, but we encourage you to consider another option—the tankless water heater.

Aren’t Tankless Water Heaters Pricey?

This is, naturally, one of the first concerns that homeowners have in regards to upgrading to a tankless water heater—the cost. Specifically, they notice that a tankless water …