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The Benefits of Switching to a Tankless Water Heater

February 17th, 2020

It might seem odd to imagine a water heater without a tank but they do exist. And what’s more these types of systems are known for being quite reliable and efficient. Tankless water heaters are being used around the country to provide hot water when it is needed while using less water and energy than their multi-gallon-holding predecessors.

If you are in the market for a new water heating system, or you are trying to choose a water heater for your new home, we would urge you to consider a tankless water heater in Raleigh, NC as one of your options. And we want to explain how this water heater could help meet your home comfort needs.

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 Plumbing Services You Should Know About

February 3rd, 2020

Professional-plumberIt is fairly common practice for people to discover certain plumbing services only after they encounter an issue that requires them. This is, again, a widespread practice but it is also less efficient because it is reactive. We like to encourage people to be proactive because it saves them time, money, and stress in the long run.

So, how exactly can someone be proactive about taking care of their plumbing in Raleigh, NC? You look ahead so you know what you can expect. Think of it this way: would you walk into a salon or a barbershop just hoping they have someone who can fix the issue you want to be resolved? Probably not–you likely call ahead or check online to make sure they can do what you want.

One Call Plumbing is proud to be a reliable source for your plumbing services and, in the interest of helping you be proactive about caring for your home plumbing, we want to give you a quick look at some of the key services we offer so you know you can contact us when you have a problem.

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Get That Running Toilet Fixed

January 20th, 2020

toilet-in-bathroomTell us if this sounds familiar. Someone goes to the bathroom in your home and flushes the toilet. The water in the tank runs to fill everything back up. But it just keeps running…and running…and running. That isn’t just the sound of water being wasted, it is the sound of money being washed down the drain too.

Sometimes the handle or button on your toilet might get stuck and you simply need to give it a little nudge to solve the problem. Other times, however, that running water is an indicator that you have a bigger problem on your hands. Namely, your toilet may have a leak somewhere within it that you need to deal with.

Our team of plumbers in Raleigh, NC is here to get your toilet fixed. But first, let’s explore some of the indicators you should be keeping an eye out for to make sure that the issue is in fact a leaky toilet and not a different plumbing problem.

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Visit Us at the Downtown Raleigh Home Show

January 13th, 2020

downtown_raleigh_home_showPlanning to come to the Downtown Raleigh Home Show this year? So are we!

The Raleigh Home Show is the event to be at when you want to find the best possible products and services for your home.

Come visit One Call Plumbing at Booth 738 during this event which will be held at the Raleigh Convention Center from January 24-26, 2020.

We can’t wait to see you!


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“Should I Get Commercial Hydro-Jetting Services?

January 6th, 2020

water-flowing-down-sink-drainImagine this: It is the busiest Friday night your restaurant has had in a while. Your servers are wearing pathways into the floor they are moving so fast and the kitchen is a cacophony of activity. But then it all comes to a screeching halt because of one issue:  a clogged drain.

A backed-up drain may not seem like such a big issue but it really can bring everything to a stop. No draining means no clean dishes which means nowhere to put the food which means no customers are getting fed. See what we mean?

But wait! Before you pour that caustic drain cleaner fluid into the sink, you should know there is a better way to get the drain clear. When you reach out to One Call Plumbing for help with your commercial plumbing in Raleigh, NC, one of our professional plumbers can come back to not only clear that clog but make sure your pipes are clean enough to prevent another back up for a good long while.

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What You Should Know About Plumbing Emergencies

December 23rd, 2019


When we bring up the term plumbing, what comes to your mind? Is it the toilet or the shower? What about the drain under the kitchen sink? Or maybe your mind jumps to your sewer line. Whatever part of your plumbing pops into your head first, we need you to know one thing: it is possible to have a plumbing emergency with it.

We aren’t saying this to scare you. Instead, we want you to know this fact so you don’t have to go through the hesitation that can come from wondering whether or not your plumbing system qualifies for emergency plumbing in Cary, NC.

We know that a lot of people may still hesitate to make that call so we want to help clarify. To ease your mind, we’ve created a list of examples of potential plumbing issues that qualify as emergencies so the next time a problem pops up, you won’t need to wonder.

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The Gift That Keeps Giving: Leak Detection

December 9th, 2019

leak-detectionWhat is the one gift that you can give yourself this season that will just keep giving to both you and anyone else in your home throughout the rest of the year? Leak detection services of course!

This is a service that isn’t just helpful for your home plumbing in Chapel Hill, NC, but it is also a preventative measure that helps keep your plumbing in good shape down the road.

Now, if you haven’t heard of leak detection before, we want you to know what it is and exactly why you should consider scheduling it in the near future. After all, Christmas is coming so why not splurge on a gift for your home and, ultimately, for your comfort?

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 3 Signs You Need Water Heater Repairs

November 25th, 2019

water-heaterThanksgiving is around the corner and we are all excited. All the food and family and fun memories to enjoy; all the good parts almost make all the dishes well worth it. Almost.

With that said, washing dishes is likely to be a lot less easy, and less pleasant, if you don’t have any hot water. Additionally, getting ready for the day will be harder when you are facing a shower with no warmth. If you start noticing that your water heater is unable to deliver anymore, it is likely that you need emergency plumbing in Chapel Hill, NC to get it repaired quickly!

Hopefully, however, you can get your water heater repaired before it stops producing hot water. But to do that, you need to know what the warning signs are.

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Preventing Thanksgiving Day Plumbing Problems

November 11th, 2019

mother standing over kitchen sink washing food with her young daughterThe family is on their way, the turkey is in the oven, the table is set, and everything will go off without a hitch. It is Thanksgiving and this is a time to focus on family, food, and fun. It most certainly is not when you want to be worrying over an incredibly stubborn clog in your kitchen sink.

Thankfully, if you do discover yourself faced with a sink filled with water that refuses to drain, you can rely on One Call Plumbing for help with your plumbing in Cary, NC. Our trained plumbers can get your issue fixed fast so you can get back to enjoying the important things.

In the interim, however, we also want to help you out by giving you a few tips on what you want to avoid putting down your drain so you can avoid that nasty clog, to begin with.

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When Cold Weather Strikes Your Pipes

October 28th, 2019

Icicles hanging from a brown pipe. Frozen water and metal surface, winter time concept. selective focus shallow depth of field photoCooler temperatures are right around the corner for us. With your water heater having been checked already you feel prepared for the drop in temperature. There is nothing a warm shower and an extra cozy sweater can’t handle.

But are your pipes prepared?

The plumbing that takes water to and from your home is vital to your everyday life. Unfortunately, these pipes can’t throw on a coat when the air turns chillier than normal. What’s more, cold weather can have a negative impact on your plumbing that can bring that warm shower to a screeching halt.

The question is, are you prepared to handle the issues that cold weather can cause for your pipes?

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