Quick and Effective Clogged Toilet Repair in Durham

Stop fighting with that messy clogged toilet and call (919) 201-5200 for quick clogged toilet repair and removal services from the professionals at One Call Plumbing. Our technicians work fast, and our prices are competitive. You can save even more by visiting our coupons page before you book with us.

Keep your toilet running smoothly with our expert clogged toilet repair and installation services

Is there a toilet in your Durham, NC home or business that frequently suffers from clogs, poor drainage, or constantly running water in the tank? The issue may lie in your toilet itself, or there may be a clog within your pipes or sewer line. When you work with One Call Plumbing, our technicians can help you solve the issue quickly and prevent it from coming back again. Why wait? Get in touch today and stop stressing over that pesky toilet.

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Are You Having Problems With Your Toilet?

It’s not uncommon for toilets to have issues flushing, which is often an indication of a problem located within your sewer line. Over time sludge and waste products can clog the pipes and cause them to back up. In some cases, tree roots may have infiltrated your pipes and resulted in a blockage.

Plunging the toilet can solve the issue in the short-term, but if the problem keeps coming back give our professionals a call for clogged toilet repair solutions.

How We Can Help

At One Call Plumbing we’re happy to help by offering repair services to resolve the following issues:

  • “Phantom flush”
  • Loose handles
  • Low water flow issues
  • Low water levels in the tank
  • Slowly-filling tanks
  • Weak flush

You Shouldn’t DIY With Chemicals

Some of our customers have tried to solve their toilet issues by flushing chemicals down the toilet in an attempt to break apart the clogs in their sewer lines. We strongly advise against this method! Chemicals can damage your pipes and cause them to wear out faster, leading to leaks and burst pipe emergencies. If the clog persists, the blockage will need to be removed completely and a professional will be able to do this in a way that won’t harm your pipes.

Benefits of Our Service

Personal attention: As a family-owned business servicing Durham, NC, and the surrounding communities, our focus is on delivering personalized solutions to our customers.

Upfront pricing: We don’t include hidden costs and fees in our quotes. Whatever we quote you won’t change.

Peace of mind: You can expect quality workmanship that gets to the source of your problem. We do not consider the job done until you have a smile on your face!

Are toilet issues dragging you down? Stop stressing and call (919) 201-5200 for professional clogged toilet repair and removal services in Durham, NC.